About Us

Born at the world renowned Carnegie Mellon University, Zensors is democratizing cutting-edge computer vision technologies, in order to enable everyone to build truly working AI-driven smart spaces. We believe that environments should be more interactive and should be easy for companies to adopt AI for this and for consumers to interact with technology beyond a screen.

Our Mission

The Power of Visual Sensing

A single camera coupled with world class AI and machine learning can be turned into any number of IoT type sensors. From counting people and cars, to more complex custom sensing, we believe that streams of interconnected, actionable data can be extracted from a single video feed.

AI For Everyone

Once a tool only for the largest companies, Zensors is now democratizing computer vision. AI and machine learning used to require a team of PHDs and years of coding experience; now anyone with an IP camera can train and manage AI from the minute it’s connected.

Analytics For the Physical World

Meticulous, human powered data collection can be a thing of the past. What was once expensive, error prone, and time consuming is now simple and cost effective. Zensors data is collected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in the toughest conditions.