About Us

Our Mission

Spun out of Carnegie Mellon University – the birthplace of Artificial Intelligence – Zensors wants to enable smart and reactive spaces through cutting-edge computer vision technologies. We believe that advances in AI should be accessible to everyone, not just those with a degree in computer science, and applied to everyday problems to make customer experiences more delightful and employees more efficient.

The Power of Visual Sensing

A single camera combined with state-of-the-art machine learning can become a one-stop sensing solution, able to replace dozens of IoT type sensors. From counting people and cars, to more complex questions, such as table cleanliness and equipment utilization, Zensors delivers actionable data using your existing camera investment.

Future of Work is AI for Everyone

Once a tool only for the largest tech companies, Zensors is putting the power of AI and computer vision into everyone's hands. Now anyone with an IP camera can create and manage AI from an intuitive web portal. No Ph.D. in computer science required.

Analytics for the Physical World

Manual, human-powered data collection is a thing of the past. What was once expensive, error prone, and time consuming is now simple and cost effective. Zensors collects data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in the most challenging environments.