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camera(uuid: "6806a5a3-...") {
  sensors {


With Zensors API, you can programmatically access your data in you Zensors account for use in other applications.

Let’s say that you already have a data collection pipeline deployed in you company and want to have our data available. You can easily do that with our GraphQL based API. Or maybe you want to show our data in your own mobile app? Yep! That’s also totally doable.


People in Line

2 minutes ago

Bar Stools Occupied

10 minutes ago

With our Widget builder, you can embed widgets to your website, or to a digital signage.

You can style your widgets to fit in your webpage.

/* Sample widget */
<iframe width="250" height="200"

Web Hooks

Simple WebHooks API allows your application get real-time data. As soon as data is available on our platform, you will receive a JSON at a predefined endpoint.

You can use WebHook to trigger a custom notification in you app, update a database, or even turn on a physical light. Your imagination is the limitation.

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