Car Pose Net

A purely-camera-powered 3D vehicle tracking system for the world of autonomous transport & traffic management

With Zensors Car Pose Net, advanced traffic analysis is within your grasp. The technology can run on your existing camera infrastructure via either our edge-compute appliance or our AI cloud service. Video streams are processed in real time, tracking vehicle trajectories for street-level throughput and intersection flow statistics. Our state-of-the-art deep learning models fit 3D pose wireframes to vehicles, offering tracking that is robust to snow accumulation, reflections, varying lighting conditions, and partial occlusion from other vehicles and foliage.

Understanding Car Pose Net

2D/3D Occluded Keypoint Localization Using Graph Networks

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Car Pose Net Applications

Tracking Vehicles with high fidelity enables various new applications

Invalid Turn Detection

With our algorithm’s robustness, we can detect the car's orientation, whether in full view or occluded by other vehicles or objects. This allows us to maintain an understanding of a vehicle’s movement at all times as it turns left or right or continues straight, allowing us to detect invalid turns or cars driving in the wrong direction.

Double Parking Detection

Our algorithm is able to detect double-parked cars by accurately pinpointing vehicles that have stopped moving for several minutes and are located in areas in which previous data suggests cars should be moving.

Speeding Detection

By tracking the size and position of a vehicle’s pose graph across multiple frames, it is possible to calculate its velocity. This can be used to dispatch a police officer if a car is identified as exceeding the speed limit in the area.

Live Traffic Statistics

The Car Pose Net can provide live statistics about the vehicles on the road at any monitored time and location, segmented by the type of vehicle and its trajectory. With this information at each intersection, traffic light times can be adjusted to maximize traffic flow.

Optimization public transport

The Car Pose Net can detect different types of vehicles such as cars, vans, pick-ups, buses and trucks. With this information, city governments can pinpoint problem areas and improve traffic regulations or public transit schedules.

Congestion Pricing

Since the Car Pose Net can be used to understand the flow of traffic in real time, it allows for an effective implementation of surge pricing that can be dynamically altered on an hourly basis.

Zensors Smart Traffic Platform

A Complete AI-Powered Traffic Management

Zensors integrates the Car Pose Net into its service to provide a complete AI powered traffic management platform. The Zensors platform can connect to your city's existing camera infrastructure and run Car Pose Network across multiple intersections in real time. The data is then aggregated in the cloud and Zensors allows you to create custom dashboards to support a variety of smart city initiatives.

Zensors Powered Smart Infrastructure

Zensors, along with its network of smart city partners, is able to deliver an end-to-end smart city solution including computation on the edge and a cloud AI platform to supercharge your city’s responsiveness in a matter of weeks. Custom dashboards, alerting, and analysis tools on the Zensors platform make the data collected in your city actionable, enabling responses to changing conditions to be taken in real time.

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