COVID-19 Management with Zensors

Zensors AI technology helps you automatically comply with capacity limits, preventing the spread of COVID19.

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AI Driven COVID-19 Compliance Monitoring

Manage Changing Compliance Needs

Set a per-store threshold and ensure that you are not at risk of noncompliance as local laws are constantly changing.

Don’t Get Your Business Shut Down

Stay compliant with region-specific store capacity thresholds by supporting staff with real-time alerts, aiding them in managing new visitors acccordingly.

Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe

Monitor and track social distancing practices to enhance your brand in the eyes of the customer and give assurance to your employees.

Deploy Rapidly on Existing Hardware

Use your existing camera infrastructure to get started across multiple venues. Zensors supports all major camera manufacturers.

Manage Your Space Remotely

Zensors offers you the flexibility to remotely manage compliance by setting custom thresholds for each location and providing real time visibility on the businesses from a single view.

Get Real-Time Notifications

Zensors AI will help you comply with regulatory capacity limits with real-time alerts based on customizable thresholds.

Zensors Can Verify Face Mask Compliance

Zensors’ deep learning technology is deployed to enforce mask wearing and limit people from entering spaces that mandate face coverings. Zensors utilizes AI to look for patterns of crowding rather than unique faces.

Complete Service Performance Monitoring Solution


Entrance standing kiosk informs customers when it's safe to enter


Mobile application sends employees notifications to help them manage customers

Store Manager

Tablet PC helps store managers to monitor customer activity


Web platform displays customer activity and analyzes trends