Zensors Trial

Essential Items

Item 1: Mobile Device

Zensors recommend IOS 12+ or Android 8+ for a demo trial

Item 2: Long Power Cable

Prepare a power cable to charge your mobile device

Item 3: Mounting Tools

Get mounting tools to set up your mobile device in a specific position

Device Placement

Once you decide on the location of your interest, prepare the mobile device, long power cable, and mounting tools accordingly.

For the best results, place your device as high as possible and use mounting tools to ensure its stability. Refer to suggested mounting options for mounting tool recommendations.

Installation Guidelines


Onboarding Overview

Step 1
Add a new camera in zensors.live Platform
Step 2
Scan QR code to open web link and pin the app
Step 3
Place the camera in an optimal location and start recording
Step 4
Create sensors in zensors.live Platform