Try Out Zensors Using Any Phone or Tablet Through Our Demo Trial Software

Item 1: Mobile Device

iOS 12+ or Android 8+ recommended for the zensors demo

Item 2: Long Power Cable

You will need a power cable to keep your phone charged while streaming to the Zensors platform

Item 3: Mount or Holder

You will need some way to mount your mobile device in a good location, whether that be double sided tape, a tripod, or a phone holder.

Device Placement

For the best results, place your device as high as possible, with good line of sight to your area of interest, and mount it to ensure its stability.

Please see our installation guide for more recommendations and refer to suggested mounting options for mounting tool recommendations.

Installation Guide

Onboarding Overview

Step 1
Register a new camera on the Zensors Platform, selecting “Zensors Camera App” as the type
Step 2
Scan QR code to open the web link and pin the app to the device’s home screen
Step 3
Place the device in an good location and start streaming to the Zensors AI
Step 4
Create virtual sensors using your camera feed on the Zensors Platform

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