Platform Capabilities

Can I run multiple sensors on a single camera?

Yes; there is no limit to the number of different sensors that can be run on a single camera feed. Zensors is designed to use a single camera to replace multiple special-purpose sensors.

How much bandwidth does Zensors require? Are you uploading video to the cloud?

Zensors dynamically adjusts upload based on your connection bandwidth. Zensors does not store videos in the cloud. Zensors will also use different upload rates based on the application.

Is Zensors designed to help me with video forensics?

Zensors is designed as a real-time platform and collects data over time for attached cameras, enabling you to look up statistical data in the past. Zensors is not designed for archiving, indexing and searching of historical video footage.

How does your system come up with estimated wait times? What is required as input to compute accurate wait times?

Zensors has a deep learning model that uses a multitude of factors to estimate wait time. These typically comprise of the number of agents visible on staff, historic data on line length, and rate of flow. The Zensors AI does not require you to tune anything and will automatically learn to improve its estimate within the first few weeks of being deployed.

I'm concerned about privacy. Can you blur the faces?

Zensors has a state-of-the-art face-blurring system that can be enabled for your account. This is an account-level setting and will automatically apply to all of your camera feeds. Please contact us to learn more about this capability.

How much time does it take to identify unique objects or situations? Is it done manually or automatically?

The Zensors AI engine is constantly learning from new images and camera feeds. The Zensors engine randomly selects images from your deployment to retrain the AI model and provide more accuracy on your particular sensors over time. This can depend on the frequency of the event or object that you are looking to identify. Typically, for an object that Zensors has not seen before, it will take from one to three weeks to train a new model, but you will still receive verified high-quality results as soon as you set up the sensor.

Is it possible to have an on-premises deployment instead of a cloud deployment?

Zensors is currently working on integrating with select camera manufacturers for edge-compute capabilities. Please contact us to learn more about possible on-premises solutions.


Can I stitch outputs from multiple camera feeds for a single application?

Zensors provides the capability to aggregate and join results from multiple cameras. Please ask us for a platform demo to see the possible ways of doing this.

How do I select an appropriate camera to use for a particular application?

Zensors can work with most network-based cameras. We recommend HD cameras or better for best results. We also have a tool to estimate the field-of-view of a camera to help you arrange your cameras for optimal coverage.

How does Zensors connect to my CCTV system?

We recommend using our ZOPI system, which acts as plug-and-play gateway between your CCTV network and the Zensors platform. It sits inside your network and pushes encrypted images to the platform so that you don't need to compromise your security by creating a hole into your network. In cases when this is not available, we also support several other protocols, such as HTTP uploading and FTP.


Is the data on the dashboard available in real-time or there is a lag for data processing? If so, how much is the lag?

In most situations, Zensors data is real-time and available within 30 seconds from us receiving the image.

What level of accuracy can I expect from Zensors for a given application?

Zensors is an active learning platform that has an automated system for monitoring performance and accuracy. The ML engine will periodically perform a test to ensure that your deployment is running at human-level accuracy and work to retrain and improve if it deviates.

How do I access my data on the Zensors platform?

In addition to our web application, we also provide an API that can be used to connect our data to external tools and applications. We also have support for CSV export from the web application.