Setup AI Intelligence in Minutes

Setup Gateway to Existing Cameras

Start by registering your existing camera deployment. Zensors supports all major camera manufacturers. Alternatively, you can deploy our wide-angle, smart IP cameras, which can connect over WiFi, ethernet, or cellular, and are ruggedized for outdoor use.

Cloud AI Analytics Run on Securely Transmitted Images

Live camera feeds are piped into our general-purpose, AI-vision pipeline, and report the state of the environment with human-level accuracy. Our system allows for custom questions that are specific to your environment and business needs.

Push Out Privacy-Preserving Analytics to Business Teams

Zensors provides you a firehose of rich analytics about any environment. Use our dashboard, visualization, and reporting tools to stay informed and make better decisions. You can also use the Zensors API to build new employee tools and customer experiences.

Zensors Data Flow Overview

Zensor’s Infrastructure

At Zensors, we work hard to ensure maximum accessibility and security of your data. The diagram on the right gives you the quickest overview of our service infrastructure.

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Security and Privacy Protection

Zensors is committed to use stringent protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of your data. We analyze camera footage without storing video data, so only sensor output is stored long term in our secure, cloud based database. Facial blurring can be enabled to prevent capture of identifiable information.


Downloading an additional mobile application or software on your device would not be your worry anymore. Zensors is completely a web based platform that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Rapid Deployment

A simple 4 step process from connecting cameras to creating a sensor in the platform makes Zensors deployment rapid and hassle free. With our powerful APIs, you can programmatically access your data in your Zensors account for use in other applications.

Uptime and Sensor Accuracy

We believe in the principle of accuracy builds credibility. In addition to automatic quality verification, we have a dedicated, in-house automation team that routinely checks the performance of your sensors and accuracy of the data collected.

Zensors AI vs Other Solutions