Security Investigations Growing Out of Control?

With the significant increase in crime by 6.4% in 2020, public safety and security teams are often overwhelmed and unable to rapidly respond to all investigation cases. Unfortunately, the resulting security gap is a threat to customers, facilities, and a brand’s reputation.

Perform Searches in Less than 10 Seconds

Avoid wasting time and energy scrubbing through 1000’s of hours of video footage across multiple cameras by leveraging an AI-Powered algorithm that rapidly narrows down searches for people and objects of interest.

Rapidly Create and Distribute Security Incident Reports

Eliminate labor intensive, paper based reporting and move to digital to expedite the analysis and generation of security incident reports which can then be easily and securely shared with your team and across organizations.

Turbocharge Staff Efficiency with AI

AI-powered investigations enable your existing team to greatly reduce incident response time resulting in more resolved cases and the elimination of your backlog.

Is the Zensors platform compatible with existing hardware?

The Zensors platform was designed to leverage existing CCTV and IP cameras already in use for security or other purposes.

How scalable is the solution for a facility that has over 1K cameras?

The Zensors platform is highly scalable and can easily scale to support a facility or multiple facilities that have thousands of cameras.

Does Zensors provide strong access control to the solution?

The Zensors platform provides user permissions to ensure that each type of user only has access to what they need.

Do you use facial recognition?

The Zensors platform does not use facial recognition.

Is the solution on premises or in the cloud?

The Zensors platform is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. In some deployments a gateway device is needed to facilitate getting video data to the cloud.

How is Zensors so fast with video forensics?

The Zensors platform collects data from attached cameras and the data is indexed in real time and archived for a specific time period to facilitate rapid searching of historical video footage in under 10 seconds.

AI for Public Safety. Designed to Exceed Your Privacy Expectations.

Anonymous by Design

Zensors does not perform any facial recognition and protects customers’ privacy.

Data Security with End-to-End Encryption

Zensors protects customers’ data with end-to-end encryption and granular access control logs.

Built to Meet GDPR Standards

Zensors is designed to comply with the needs of heavily regulated industries around data security and privacy.