Core Systems
For someone who is passionate about solving distributed systems problems. Dealing with managing large amounts of data and building systems with real time data streams.
Distributed Systems
System Architecture
Full Stack Development
Zensing Intelligence
Experience with building vision pipelines or deploying machine learning at scale. Research work in Deep Learning or NLP and a keen interest in solving complex problems
Machine Learning Pipelines
Deep Learning Experience
Experience Building Vision Models
Prior work in NLPĀ 
HCI Practitioner
Its not about just understanding users and their problems but being able fuse this with new technology and helping push the boundary of how people interact with physical spaces that they inhabit.
Interaction Design
Rapid Prototyping
Visual Design
Scripting Knowledge
Interaction Engineer
Engineering user experiences that can keep up with users as they move from their desktop to a device and with their physical space.
Web Development
Mobile Frameworks
Motion Theory
Javascript Development
Data Quality Research
Data quality is a key in creating new sensing systems and innovating techniques to improve, manage and tackle data quality require constant innovation.
Behavioral Economics
Crowd Work
Research Publications
Programming Experience
Embedded Engineer
Someone who knows their way around the linux kernel and an interest for hardware tinkering and complex systems problems
PCB layout
Proficiency in C and C++
Operating Systems
Kernel Development
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