March 17, 2020

Zensors Offers AI Platform to Assist Cities & Businesses with Social Distancing Compliance for COVID-19

Zensors Offers AI Platform to Assist Cities & Businesses with Social Distancing Compliance for COVID-19

We believe our AI computer vision platform will be helpful for governments, hospitals, airports and essential businesses as they respond to COVID-19 around the world. We are taking unprecedented steps to provide free world-wide access to the Zensors platform for emergency use through June 1, 2020. In addition, we invite machine learning researchers and technical experts to collaborate with us in this effort. Learn more about the platform at

Over the past few weeks, the Zensors team across Pittsburgh, New York City and Mumbai has been trying to determine how our platform can be helpful in response to COVID-19. We have the ability to rapidly scale our infrastructure to answer real-time operational questions about spaces using CCTV video cameras. Critically, Zensors can connect IP cameras to our platform in a matter of hours and immediately start generating secure, anonymous data for leaders and citizens.

An AI Platform to Reduce Risk and Build Trust with Fearful Customers

As governments, hospitals, airports, and essential businesses take the necessary actions to protect human health, especially for our most vulnerable populations, practices and policies concerning large gatherings, cleaning, and social distancing are changing by the day. By using existing CCTV cameras that are already installed throughout communities and businesses, Zensors can provide anonymous real-time occupancy data to help enforce better social distancing and remotely power real-time intelligence for businesses that have limited onsite staff.

We are ready to help anyone responding to COVID-19 answer concerns such as:

  • How many people are in your facility or out in public places in your city?
  • Are gatherings remaining within the suggested or mandated congregation limit?
  • Are people following recommended social distancing policies?
  • Where and when should cleaning personnel focus their activities based on which surfaces have had recent interaction?
  • For those regions in the world where wearing face masks is strongly encouraged or mandatory, how many people are wearing masks?

Until June 1, 2020, Zensors is offering free access to our entire platform for selected entities who are on the forefront of responding to this crisis, including our airport clients around the world. We will also provide no-cost, expedited setup and one free Zensors On-Prem Interface (ZOPI) hardware device to ensure secure, encrypted connectivity to the Zensors cloud-based servers hosted by Amazon Web Services.

“The Zensors platform is a remote work toolkit for physical businesses to optimize the deployment of limited assets.”

By using Zensors to automatically analyze millions of images of your city or facility each day, limited human resources can be better allocated to cleaning, crowd control and health policy enforcement. Zensors AI can provide deep, real-time insights and help local governments and organizations weather this crisis and prepare for the future. Our technology may be able to help keep people safer, decrease fear, and speed up business recovery by assuring citizens that new levels of monitoring and vigilance are in place.

Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo on Unsplash

Working with the Community

The Zensors platform interfaces with a wide variety of IP cameras and IoT sensors. As we seek to help in this time of need, the Zensors team is keenly aware that our response will be enhanced through collaboration with other technical experts. We have an open API and can enable anyone with technical knowledge or unique data sources to build novel systems and solutions.

We invite ML collaborators to join our team of Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists in designing more robust and helpful deep learning models during this unprecedented crisis. We are also interested in working with geographic information system (GIS) experts who can help us integrate our data onto ESRI and other mapping platforms.

Our response and solutions will be more resilient, thoughtful and effective if we collaborate with others. There may be additional ways to use our technologies to combat COVID-19, and we invite collaborators from academia and industry to help us figure out what these are.

If you want to join us in any part of this effort, please contact us immediately.

About Zensors

Zensors enables smart and reactive spaces by transforming CCTV cameras into virtual IoT sensors using new advances in computer vision. We are a startup spun out of Carnegie Mellon University—the birthplace of Artificial Intelligence—and we serve clients in the smart city, airport, ground transportation, hospitality, food & beverage, co-working, and sports markets. Our fundamental belief is that advances in AI should be accessible to everyone and applied to everyday problems in order to improve government, business and  human life.

Some of the Zensors platform capabilities include:

  • Occupancy monitoring across cities, airports, large venues and businesses; people counting for public places.
  • Space and queue monitoring to determine if people are standing too close to each other in lines or in gathering spaces.
  • Dynamic dispatch and tracking of cleaning crews to most trafficked areas and tracking of cleaning crews to ensure they respond accordingly.
  • Management, operational, and public dashboards that can be pushed to any screen or mobile device.
  • Notifications and alerts via email and SMS.

Contact Zensors

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