Airport Line Management Solutions

Real-Time TSA Wait Times

Give your passengers access to incredibly accurate estimated wait times for security at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Our technology uses your existing cameras — which dramatically decreases the cost of deployment and covers standard, TSA Pre, and priority pass members in a single solution.

Ticketing And Bag Check Lines

Both Airlines and passengers benefit from knowing the line length at ticketing and bag check counters. Airlines can use hisrotical data to staff more effectively, and up-to-the-minute dashboards allow for flex agents to where they are most needed.

Zensors real time airport security wait time dashboard

Airport Parking Solutions

airport parking and airport traffic

Real-Time Parking Statistics

By monitoring parking occupancy on a space-by-space basis, Zensors can direct passengers to available parking. With zero new hardware required, our technology allows you to offer turn-by-turn directions to available parking, maximizing traveler time at airside shopping and dining facilities.

Airport Traffic and Transportation

Zensors monitors real-time traffic and parking violations. Transport managers can have a heads up display of real-time people counts at taxi lines and shuttle stops, minimizing wait times and keeping weary travelers stress-free.

Terminal Services and Concessions

Priority Pass Lounges

Ensure your airport amenities are being fully utilized by measuring activity and occupancy at lounges and rest areas. This data can be used to improve the design and function of high-end spaces for priority pass travelers.

Optimize people flow to restaurants and shopping

Optimize retail spending and merchant value by unlocking data around traffic at airside shops and restaurants. Combined with our real time TSA wait time and check-in time estimates, passengers can enjoy maximum time airside and patronize all of the shopping and dining options your airport has to offer.

Zensors solution for terminal services and priority pass lounges

Building Intelligent Airports With Zensors

Download our "Building Intelligent Airports" PDF to learn more!