Zensors Campus Automation

Reduce Facility Management Cost

Utilize people counting camera and video analytics to monitor campus traffic. Activate smart staff alert to allow real-time response while smart IoT and API integration empowers staff workflow to save management costs.

Enhance Student Satisfaction

Improve campus experience with CCTV analytics utilizing machine learning technology. This allows students to view live dashboard widgets essential to building intelligence campus while ensuring GDPR compliance.

AI Powered
Saftey Compliance

Stay compliant with Zensors artificial intelligence and cloud-based software to ensure an automated compliance for the safety guide implementation with deep learning models. Real-time status data will help build a smart campus.

Zensors smart campus room utilization management

Understand Space Utilization and Guide People to Unused Spaces

Track key operations components like people, traffic, visitors, employees, and activity 24x7. Zensors will help you solve complex issues such as space, occupancy & parking management. See how Zensors smart campus technology can optimize institutional operations by using existing ip cameras.

Smart Campus Technology

Zensors AI analytics sending notifications triggered by staffing alerts in a campus setting

Reduce Cleaning Cost with Dynamic Staffing

Zensors transforms existing IP camera infrastructure to people counting cameras and intelligent video analytics that monitor campus traffic. Activate the smart staff alert system to allow real-time response while smart IoT and API integration empowers staff workflow to save facilities management cost.

Zensors platform dynamically managing occupancy in a smart campus

Real-Time Table and Space Availability

Zensors can track your campus traffic in real-time, notifying staff with customized live dashboards. Managers will be able to optimize staff workflow and identify key foot traffic patterns to inform real time table and space availability. By identifying trends, facility managers can enhance students' satisfaction with Zensors smart campus technology.

Zensors platform managing queue length in a smart campus

Queue and Wait Time Management

Zensor’s cloud-based ai video analytics utilizes deep learning models to provide flexibility to remotely monitor and manage queue by setting custom questions for each location. The use of artificial intelligence technology for automated people counting provides real-time status visibility for both managers and campus visitors.

zensors smart retail information booklet / magazine to learn more about the in store analytics  accessed through retail store software