Smart City AI Platform

Reduce Facility Management Cost

Utilize your existing cameras with our artificial intelligence platform to monitor and manage city traffic. Setting up an automatic staff alert system helps your city to become smarter by responding in real-time, and improves dynamic staffing for better efficiencies.

Enhance Citizen’s
City Living Experience

Improve urban living experience with IP camera analytics that self-assess and improves over time. This deep learning model can formulate insights and share real-time analytics to build an intelligent future city for a better experience.

Create Safe & Secure Urban Environment

Transform your city with smart IoT technology and help your citizens feel safe and secure. Zensors’ artificial intelligence and cloud-based software runs 24/7 to automatically comply with a safety guide and shares real-time status.

Prevent Operational Inefficacies with Smart Parking & Traffic Management

Track key traffic operations such as public transit, on-road traffic and curbside street parking in real-time. Zensors will help you solve complex issues such as parking management, bike rack utilization and scooter & bike enforcement. See how AI technology can prevent workflow inefficiencies by using existing IP cameras.

Smart Parking and Traffic Management System

Dynamic Pricing

If a neighborhood or parking lot is experiencing a spike in demand, Zensors can sync with your parking app provider to enable demand-based pricing.

Increase Enforcement Revenue

Zensors provides up to the minute data on parking utilization – both in lots and on streets – allowing you to streamline enforcement by deploying officers to zones with the most parking violations.

Camera Vehicle Tracking

Monitor pickup hotspots to better understand the impact on traffic and measure the effectiveness of municipal policies. Zensors provides a means for city-wide code enforcement for ride sharing.

Dynamic City Services

Sidewalk Trash Detection

Zensors enables multiple visual sensors from a single camera. Whether it be a street light or utility pole, you can capture actionable data on parking, scooters, sanitation, road conditions, and traffic with real-time analytics.

Snow Monitoring

Maximize the efficiency of your plow fleet by monitoring roads and sidewalks for snow coverage. Zensors can detect snow cover and provide a realtime geo-spatial dashboard of accumulation.

Urban Traffic and Public Transport

Curb Automation Using Video Analytics

Put real data behind your multi-modal transportation initiatives by monitoring the utilization of bike racks. Zensors makes both real time and historical data available, so you can see changes in seasonality or usage over time.

Mass Transit Occupancy

Track the utilization of bus and rail shelters minute-by-minute for future planning purposes. Zensors can count waiting passengers in real time and deliver that data to the people who need it most.

Scooter and City Bike Share Enforcement

Artificial Intelligence provide a way to “see” where scooters are located and utilized. With dockless scooters becoming a challenge for every city, we have the only “out of the box” solution for data gathering on the new world of shared mobility.

Power your Open Big Data Initiatves

Open Data provides new opportunities for governments to collaborate with citizens and evaluate public services by giving citizens access to data. All of the data collected by the Zensors platform is available to the governments to support your city’s open-data initiative and empower your citizen scientists by unlocking new data sets.

Our dashboards can transform raw data collected by sensor feed into structured real-time information.

The same data can be exported to CSV format making sure you can manipulate historical data as and when needed. Your business intelligence, data visualization, or even parking mobile applications can be integrated to our Zensors platform using our reporting API.