Real-Time Space Utilization and Availability

Which meeting room is available right now?

real-time meeting room availability
  • Monitor usage and real-time occupancy of individual facilities and amenities, such as fixed desks, hot desks, break out spaces, and meeting rooms
  • Integrated with existng room-booking software to enable underutilization / no-show alerts
  • Automatically release room resevation for no-shows to optimize space utilization

Dynamic Staffing for Real-Time Service Needs

Which spaces in the building need cleaning now?

  • Enable alerts when trash is left around and when trash cans are overflowing.
  • Receive notifications on real-time maintenance needs to schedule maintenance staff in a responsive yet cost-effective way
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity by maintaining a consistently clean workspace
office maintenance service

Office Productivity Monitoring

How many hours do employees spend at their desks?

employee productivity management
  • Track time spent at dedicated desks and breakout spaces to understand employee behavior and routine
  • Monitor inventory of office supplies and get notified when anything needs to be replaced or replenished
  • Measure employee utilization and dwell time at hot desks across all your office locations

Preserving Privacy

Zensors uses algorithms to analyze camera streams without storing video data. We offer state-of-the-art facial blurring to detect and blur out faces, preventing collection of personal information. Zensors is unique in that it provides customers the power of computer vision analytics with the security and privacy of traditional hardware sensors.

Zensors Insights

paper level data by Phonlaphat Thongsriphong from the Noun Project

Executive-Ready Weekly Reports

Receive detailed report and analytics on all of the activities above to keep close tabs on what is happening across your offices

Understand your own office space usage patterns to inform future business planning and create long-term competitive advantage

Computer Phone by Atif Arshad from the Noun Project

Real-Time Office Status Dashboard

Display real-time occupancy information mapped to your facility’s floor plan to help employees find open rooms and spaces quickly.

Easily integrated into mobile apps and online websites for access anytime from anywhere.

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