Zensors Advantages

Automatic Real-time Hot Desk Management

Utilize your existing cameras to monitor desk utilization. Empower your workforce with a dynamic alert system notifying to real-time desk availability and desk utilization metrics. Size your office capacity based on historic data.

Create a Flexible Work Environment

Improve employee workplace satisfaction with machine learning technology. The platform gives employees a live dashboard with room availability, cafe line length, all while ensuring privacy and GDPR compliance.

Prevent Device Theft or Accidental Loss

Stay compliant with cloud-based artificial intelligence software to prevent device theft or accidental loss. Zensors deep learning models will track for late night intrusions, tailgating and keep your office building safe.

Typical 5 Person Team Wastes About 2.3 Work Hours a Week Searching for Meeting Rooms

Zensors will help you solve complex issues such as space, occupancy and locating the correct meeting rooms. See how Zensors smart Office technology can optimize institutional operations by using existing IP cameras.

Smart Office Solutions

Reduce Cleaning Cost with Dynamic Staffing

Zensors transforms existing IP camera infrastructure to people counting cameras and intelligent video analytics that monitor campus traffic. Activate dynamic schedule management of cleaning crews based on data from cameras and multiple IoT devices to save facilities management cost.

Capture Unused and Misused Conference Rooms

Zensors can track your office conference room utilization and identify key foot traffic patterns to inform real-time table and space availability. With Zensors smart campus technology, you can capture unused rooms and ensure people are booking and using spaces that are appropriate for their team size.

Desk Level Productivity Tracking

Zensor’s deep learning models provides flexibility to remotely monitor office productivity by setting custom questions for each location. Detect how long people work at their desk vs time spent in common areas and meeting rooms, analyze work place interruptions and create a productive work environment.