Track Customers In-Store

Real-Time Staff Notifications For Customer Demand

  • Zensors can track your customers in real-time, notifying staff where they're needed most.
  • With customized dashboards, your managers will be able to optimize staff rostering, and identify key foot traffic patterns.
  • Zensors can help you determine how many staff you need to allocate, and accurately pinpoint focal areas of your business.
  • Feel confident that you'll be able to measure staff performance, customer flow, and budgeting with automated bi-weekly, and monthly reports.
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction with Zensors.

Accurate Split Testing

Identify Customer Hotspots In Store

  • Zensors’ state-of-the-art tracking technology identifies customer flow, allowing your team to discover key areas in store, and how customers are making purchasing decisions.
  • By identifying trends, you can optimize product placement, aisle-organization, and window presentation.
  • Using insights from Zensors, your marketing team will be able to craft accurate, just-in-time ads to retarget customer interests.
  • By tracking product conversion rates in store, we make holistic decision-making easier.
  • We make split testing faster, easier, and more efficient. You'll be able to determine where products sell best, and increase conversion rates dramatically.

Preserving Privacy

Zensors uses algorithms to analyze camera streams without storing video data. We offer state-of-the-art facial blurring to detect and blur out faces, preventing collection of personal information. Zensors is unique in that it provides customers the power of computer vision analytics with the security and privacy of traditional hardware sensors.

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