Zensors Advantages

Internal Operations

Utilize people counting camera and sensor to activate store traffic counting and use in-store analytics to respond in real-time.

Customer Experiences

Improve retail experience with CCTV analytics enabling real-time footfall counting system and people counting analytics essential to the future of retail.

Retail Strategies for Safety

Stay compliant with Zensors retail store software to ensure strategies for the social distancing and mask-wearing detection implemented to future stores.

zensors smart retail activity calendar helps retail business to access predictive analytics and make data-driven decisions

Retail Brands Save up to 12% in Labor Cost Using the Zensors Platform

Experience retail transformation with Zensors video analytics software and store traffic counting system. Zensors can help you determine staff to allocate, and accurately pinpoint focal areas of your business to prevent under or over staffing at various hours.

Smart Retail Solutions

zensors smart retail line management showing a storefront is currently full and needs additional staffing to instruct new customers

Improved Curbside & Reduce Wait Time

Zensors uses existing camera infrastructure to manage traffic both inside and outside the stores. Using insights from Zensors, your marketing team will be able to craft accurate, just-in-time ads to retarget customer interests for people walking in.

zensors automatic occupancy detection in a retail store such as supermarket or grocery store

Crowd-based Staffing Utilization

Zensors can track your customers in real-time, notifying staff where they're needed most. With customized dashboards, your managers will be able to optimize staff rostering, and identify key foot traffic patterns. By identifying trends, you can optimize product placement, aisle-organization, and window presentation.

zensors smart retail spill detection technology in future retail store

Safety Monitoring Solutions

Zensors offers you the flexibility to remotely manage cleanliness by setting custom questions for each store location and providing real-time visibility. Zensors can help smart technology retailers to provide the best customer experience.

How can Zensors help improving customer experiences in stores?

Zensors AI-driven platform provides retailers with detailed insights related to product placement, footfall tracking and helps in dynamically allocating staff where required. Not only this, customers can view real time queue and occupancy information on screens / mobile apps that empowers them to take informed decisions

How to create Future Stores using video retail analytics?

Zensors can provide predictive analytics on customer behaviour, customer journey and insights on interest for different products in the store

How does Zensors provide product platcement retail analytics?

Zensors retail AI provides shelf level customer insight and can be correlated with product inventory or end cap product placement to improve the store layout

Can Zensors AI help with social distancing in retail stores?

Zensors smart technology provides live information around the occupancy, people count, crowd density and even face mask compliance for every retail store

What does Zensors smart retail solutions encompass?

Zensors is a video analytics software that helps improve the retail experiences, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance store profitability. From simple store traffic counting applications to understanding the ROI of marketing campaigns, Zensors is a one stop retail intelligence solution for the future of retail

zensors smart retail information booklet / magazine to learn more about the in store analytics  accessed through retail store software