Zensors is the easiest AI platform
to optimize business environment

A Trusted Visual Sensing Platform that Adapts to Usecases All Across Industries

Zensors works with Smart IoT sensors are used by the largest organizations in the world to monitor various applications such as parking, traffic, road, occupancy, trash detection, and many more. While these solutions might be robust and secure, the amount of complexity leads to the user experience suffering. However, Zensors does not require you to change the way you work to suit the solution.

One Platform Infinite Possibilities

Powerful Tool for your Business

Real-time Custom Dashboard Display

Pre-designed Regular Reports

SMS & Email Alerts For Management

REST-based API Integration

How Can your Business Benefit?

Reducing Operating Costs

Our technology assists companies in cutting costs and sustaining business operations with instant operational insights.

Understanding Customer Behavior

With Zensors, businesses will be able to collect, monitor and analyze data from visual sensors which allows analysts to predict preferences and trends

Increase Business and Revenue Opportunities

Zensors opens the way to new business and revenue opportunities. We assists companies to benefit from the business insight in creating powerful use cases and amplify return on investments.

Ensure Workplace Safety

Zensors can facilitate employers to make sure workforce safety and improve workplace security. Utilization of visual AI sensors to monitor whether employees are wearing safety gear or to supervise office premises are a few of the use cases.

Improve & Enhance Productivity

We assist companies to collect employee data to calculate their most productive hours to schedule important tasks and meetings maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Make Data-driven Business Decision

Data is turning as the most effective weapon of different industries. Zensors can provide useful business insights with the data collected from the sensors.

Empower Customer Service & Experience

With the power of Zensors Visual AI sensors, companies can estimate wait-time and occupancy in real-time making the customer experience delightful.