What is Zensors?
Founded at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University, Zensors utilizes AI to take feeds from existing camera infrastructure and turn them into actionable data. Our flexible platform allows you to ask your camera questions in plain, human language, (for example "how many people use this door?) and receive rich analytics in return. Dashboards then allow for measuring and monitoring that data over time in an easy to use interface.

The Zensors platform is both flexible and powerful—the ability to ask "human" questions to visual sensors allows for meaningful data to be extracted at scale. Information that could only be gleaned through meticulous, time consuming manual data collection is now at your fingertips thanks to sophisticated image recognition and machine learning software. Imagine asking your camera "how many bicycles are there?" or "is the parking space free?" or "is that worker wearing a hardhat?" The Zensors platform can deliver answers to those questions, plus more.
Who is Zensors designed for?
Nearly any business with cameras can get value from the Zensors platform. The flexibility means that questions that normally only a human could answer can be automated and quantified into an easy to digest dashboard.

Artificial intelligence is a tool currently used almost exclusively by large technology companies. This new and emerging tool helps them process massive amounts of data to inform business decisions. Here at Zensors, we imagine a future where the capabilities of AI are harnessed and expanded to empower businesses of all sizes, industries and backgrounds.
What types of questions can Zensors answer?

How many cars are parked here?
Is that parking space free?
How many people are in line?
Which doors are open?
Are workers wearing their hard hats?
How many cars are parked here?
How many people use this door each day?
Is that trash can filled?
Is that conference room occupied?
Is a person working at this desk?
Experience Reseller Value
Integrate with existing camera systems

If you currently resell for Axis, Lorex, Hik Vision, Real Link, or other and have an existing install base, just layer Zensors onto that.
Support from the Zensors Team

Our team will also be with you throughout the sales cycle, providing support and product expertise.
Monthly revenue sharing

Customers are billed monthly for their Zensors account, and partners are paid revenue share throughout the entire length of the contract.
Engage your best customers

Value can be added current  customers without any installation, clunky ordering processes, or other deal-slowing factors.
Start Earning With Zensors
Find customer with existing cameras and showcase the zensors demo

Integrate camera feeds and define questions in the Zensors platform.

Collect added monthly revenue from your existing customer base

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