Give Your Camera Superpowers

Convert any existing CCTV or mobile device camera into a smart sensor using the Zensors AI platform.

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Simple AI Builder for Everyone

Our AI suggests top metrics to observe and a no-code interface makes it easy for everyone to operationalize changes.

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AI Optimizes Process for you

AI observes activity in your business context and recommends processes improvements without needing dedicated data scientists.

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Transform Your Space

Whether you are a cafe or city, shop or stadium, factory or fairground, Zensors can digitize your physical environment in seconds, turning everyday spaces into smart, reactive experiences. Use cameras to answer critical business questions, stay informed in realtime, and streamline your operations, without deploying any new IoT sensors.

AI Reduces Operations Overhead

Frictionless Customer Experience

Zensors creates new customer experiences that ensure customers are never left waiting, boosting loyalty and your brand’s NPS.

Prevent Under/Overstaffing

Zensors observes customer occupancy and helps you automatically predict an optimial schedule for your staff. This prevents overstaffing during lean hours.

Reduce Line Wait Times

AI-powered checkpoint and line management reduces average wait times by up to 7 minutes, reducing customer stress and drop-off.

Enhancing Service for Millions of End Consumers

And many more