Activate visual AI, discover monetization potential

Use Zensors spatial AI to understand video and optimize in-person experiences to boost revenue, customer satisfaction, and productivity.
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Monetize every square foot

People expect frictionless and hyper-personalized in-person experiences like they have online, yet physical businesses lack the tools to deliver on that promise. Zensors AI platform uses existing hardware devices to gather spatial intelligence in minutes and unlock missed customer interaction and monetization opportunities while maintaining visitors' anonymity.

Our global partners

Capitalize on first-party spatial data

Stop underpricing your space and media offerings. Offer precise traffic, dwell time, and conversion data to brands in your space.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Turn visitors into happy customers

Don’t guess why your visitors leave empty-handed and unhappy. Craft seamless in-person journeys to let visitors shop more and wait less.

Streamline operations with an AI copilot

Automate operational decisions with AI copilot. Enable your ops team to act instantly instead of “trying to decide what to do.”
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Why companies choose Zensors

Digital agility for physical locations

Transform your business in 24 hrs and not years with AI agents that make existing devices intelligent.

AI thats levels up with your business

AI that grows in capability with your organization's needs by actively learning from your business setting.

Understand people, not person

Designed to deliver actionable data while maintaining the anonymity of individual customers.

Trusted by global companies

Unlock monetization potential today

See what monetization potential you are missing out with Zensors AI in minutes.
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