Get a 360° view of your operations

Empower operations efficiency by providing complete operational visibility that precisely detect preventable issues, measure bottlenecks, and achieve optimal performance.

Manage large facilities effortlessly

Comprehensive view of your entire operations

Transform existing infrastructure into sensors with AI software that is over 98% accurate at tracking every step of any onsite ops processes.

Intelligent alerts to situations that matter

Teams are often flooded with irrelevant information and false alarms. We filter information to help focus on the most impactful areas.

Understand and improve existing workflows

Zensors is able to enhance existing workflows by acting as a software tool to be used alongside traditional management processes.

Simplify operations for complex facilities


Proactively mobilize employees to remove bottlenecks

Optimize resource allocation base on real-time data and analytics, help teams make informed decisions and increase high-value activities.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Be the hero, prevent operational fires

Zensors proactively identifies patterns and alerts the team to stay ahead of potential problems and maintain operations stability.

Leverage historical data for continuous improvement

Zensors captures historical data for continuous operational process comparison and evaluation, and provide a valuable tool for making ambitious changes.
Dashboard mockup

Moving ops from reactive to proactive

Automate onsite operational workflows
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