Accelerate customer loyalty and satisfaction

Gain a holistic understanding of the customer journey for a consistent onsite experience.

Leading CX platform for brick & mortar

Comprehensive view across physical spaces

Gain comprehensive visibility into what is and isn’t working to increase business performance across your physical space.

React in real-time with automated cx insights

Save hours of manual work and testing so your team has more time to make the best decision on the first try.

Innovate offline CX to generate brand loyalty

Craft measurably effective experiences in your physical spaces that turn your brand into a leader in satisfaction.

No more guesswork, AI helps accurately measure CX performance


Comprehensive view of onsite customer journeys

Accurately measure when and where the customer’s experience is impacted to respond to their needs.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Real-world actions with automated CX insights that matter

Create a single source of truth for customer sentiments with AI-powered autonomous insights to avoid siloed initiatives that 
dilute the impact.

A unified customer experience that point solutions overlook

Understand trends and propel personalized customer experience to exceed their expectation and build brand loyalty.
Dashboard mockup

Zensors AI platform provides impeccable customer experience insights that our team depend on to minimize service wait time and optimize customer satisfaction.

Darran Dineen

Manager at Cork Airport

Design seamless on-site customer journeys

Curate delightful brick-and-mortar experiences
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