Adaptive asset management with reliable data

Stay competitive in the market by understanding occupancy and utilization rates of every asset across the portfolio.
Utilization Management
Activity Monitoring
Object Counting
Custom Questions

Manage real estate footprint effortlessly

Reduce energy usage and maintenance cost

Conserve excessive energy usage by controlling temperature based on occupancy. Activate smart staff alert to allow need-based staffing.

Enhance visitor experience with visibility

Display dashboards on any device including mobile. This allows visitors to view live wait time and space availability at essential touchpoints.

No facial recognition, No PII data collection

No capability to identify faces and personal identifiable information. Facial blurring can also be enabled to prevent the capture of PII.
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Usage data to price every square foot to market perfection

Track key operations components of all like people, traffic, visitors, employees, and activity 24x7. AI powered solution will help you clearly understand space, occupancy, usage, to manage large real estate footprint.

Simplify real estate performance management across portfolio


Actionable insights to provide the best visitor experience

Capture visitors footfall at every square footage to guarantee property is clean, safe, and designed to surprise visitors with best-in-class experience.
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Dashboard mockup

Create a workplace experience modern tenants desire

Give tenants visibility to real-time activity across potential bottlenecks for their operations. From wait time at elevator and cafeteria to room availability in office spaces, use technology to instantly improve tenants experience.

Unified performance data across multiple assets of all types

Understand footfall trends to compare building performance and generate more revenue through advertising, conserving energy, and re-pricing lease across portfolio.
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Manage large real estate footprint efficiently
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