Spatial AI provides digital agility for physical locations

The only AI platform that you need to unlock spatial intelligence and discover new monetization potential.

Power of Zensors spatial AI platform

Instantly capitalize on first-party spatial data

Within minutes, our AI discovers new monetization opportunities by connecting data between spaces, services, and devices.

Turn every visit into data-driven insight

AI that grows in capability with your organization's needs by actively learning from your business setting.

Actionable insights without privacy breach

Designed to deliver actionable data while maintaining anonymity. Your data is protected with active masking features.

One platform to understand all locations

From real-world behavior to structured insights


Uncover potential across spaces

Spatial AI will align data from different types of spaces and highlight specific areas that are underperforming or needing attention.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Digitally control multiple physical locations

In-person experiences are not limited by buttons, clicks, or scrolls.
Get started with existing cameras and 0$ in upfront hardware and scale across your portfolio of locations.

Autopilot complex workflow decisions

Anyone can set up AI by asking simple questions and with self-learning AI, get the highest accuracy data in complex settings with thousands of visitors.
Dashboard mockup

All-in-one platform to unlock the power of AI for physical locations

Access cloud hosted Momenta™ today

Multimodal AI can use be used on any video