Hologram™ AI can understand unstructured spatial data

Hologram™ AI uses a graph data model to structure data about your business so LLM's and other AI applications can provide accurate and trustworthy insights.

How Hologram™ AI works

Hologram™ AI answers your business queries

Bring clarity to unstructured spatial data


A rich graph data model customizable to business context

Effortlessly collaborate with common real-world vocabulary. Model all your spaces, devices, and activities without worrying about low-level spatial semantics and locational variations.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Single GraphQL API across all your locations

Enjoy a developer-friendly querying experience with our API. Hologram™ conceals messy computations, providing a streamlined interface where automated tools leverage GraphQL's schema introspection to access available metrics for any use-cases.

Reliable and accurate AI answers from structured data

AI that operates on a structured data fabric so it does not hallucinate, ensuring that your employees can trust Hologram™ AI to do their best work.
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Understand and align spatial data from any venue in minutes