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Empower airport with action-oriented insights by using AI to unlock a comprehensive view of the curb to gate passenger journey.

Innovative airports use Zensors to enhance operations and delight passengers

How airports can accelerate revenue growth with AI
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Drive airport efficiency to increase revenue with AI automation from curb to gate


Enable passengers to anticipate the journey to reduce anxiety

Accurately measure when and where the passenger’s experience is impacted to understand and respond to their needs.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Get dynamic staffing insights to meet shifting PAX patterns

Let AI virtual manager help you dynamically allocate staff based on identified PAX patterns.

Discover blind spots & make data-driven decisions at scale

Understand trends and propel personalized passenger experience to better planning for customs agency to ensure optimal wait time through peak periods.
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Zensors AI platform provides impeccable customer experience insights that our team depend on to minimize service wait time and optimize customer satisfaction.

Darran Dineen

Manager at Cork Airport

Moving from surveys to continuous monitoring of passenger journeys


Selecting the right AI platform for airports

  • Avoid failed airport tech projects with our comprehensive AI buying guide.
  • Uncover AI-specific evaluation criteria to ensure the solution delivers.
  • Access a complimentary AI evaluation matrix to simplify the vetting process.
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