Activate AI touch-points to uncover spatial insights

Understand, anticipate, and improve the performance of every customer interaction.

Ask natural questions to create sensors

Build an unified view of your entire operation that notifies you of what needs your attention before it goes supercritical.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Push real-time data to customer displays & apps

Display real-time information from virtual sensors on easy-to-create, customizable dashboards. Easily integrated into mobile apps and online websites for access anytime from anywhere.

Dashboards make it easy to communicate with everyone in your organization.

Get weekly reports & custom notifications

Our platform delivers beautifully designed reports to your inbox weekly. Your business key metrics are laid out in easy to read PDF.

Triggers allow for SMS and Email alerts based on sensor output. Keep you and your team in loop without keeping your eyes on a camera.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Rich API & embeddable widgets

Our REST-based API allows your data to flow to your data visualization or business intelligence tools.

Dashboards can be easily embedded into mobile apps, websites, or on-premesis displays.

Unlock complete business visibility

See how Zensors can be setup in minutes with existing camera