Flight turnaround

Increase airport capacity without adding stands with Zensors turnaround AI to ensure airport systems can handle on-time performance.

AI differentiators

  1. Deploys in 48 hours

    Instant scalability, no custom hardware required for existing camera connections, and no need for servers or additional custom hardware devices.

  2. Designed to function in the most complex turnaround environments

    Achieves 95%+ precision regardless of lighting or weather conditions in complex movement-area settings with a global deep learning model.

  3. Seamlessly integrates with flight data and staffing schedules

    Integrates with multiple data sources, including existing sensor data, flight schedules, and staffing schedules to take holistic smart data hub approach.


  1. Streamline the turnaround process through post-ops analysis

    1. Identify the factors behind turnaround delays

    2. Achieve a substantial 30% decrease in delays

    3. Establish accountability, align performance, and provide incentives

    4. Clearly define KPIs within SLAs with transparency

  2. Reduce operational costs by minimizing TSAT expirations

    1. Airlines: Decrease fuel burns to compensate for delays

    2. Airport: Air Traffic Control (ATC) can reassign TSAT slots to different aircrafts

    3. Ground handlers: Minimize asset idle time

  3. Maximize airport capacity by optimizing stand utilization

    1. Enhance predictability of pushback timing

    2. Minimize intervals between planes

    3. Boost airport robustness by allotting saved time for delayed arrivals

    4. Improve extended gate planning and stand infrastructure investments

    5. Optimize runway utilization in a sustainable manner at maximum capacity


Daily turnaround performance analysis
Virtual manager turnaround event escalation alerts
Live predicted delay status
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