Queue management

Effective queue management is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. Utilize Zensors queue management AI to optimize queue service, guarantee cost-efficient operations and avoid over- or under-performing.

AI differntiators

  1. Deploys in 48 hours

    Instant scalability, no custom hardware required for existing camera connections, and no need for servers or additional custom hardware devices.

  2. Functions in the all types of queue settings

    Achieves 95%+ precision regardless of lighting or weather conditions in complex queue scenarios with a global deep learning model.

  3. ‍‍Proven to significantly improve customer satisfaction score

    Enhances customer satisfaction through shared queue wait time data, fostering transparency, managing expectations, reducing anxiety, and improving overall optimal queue experience.


  1. Evaluate queue SLA with transparency

    Understand the actual queue service levels delivered to customers to make data-driven scheduling and planning decision.

  2. Guarantee cost-efficient queue operations

    Flex ground operations in real-time to handle massive traffic influxes and maintain optimal service levels.

  3. Proactive PAX queue wait

    Guarantee pleasant queue experience to boost customer satisfaction and discover monetization potential.


Daily level of service queue analysis
Virtual manager queue wait time escalation alerts
Live queue information and guidance displays
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