Virtual manager on duty: FOH

Retail front-of-house (FOH) checkouts are where shoppers form their first and last impressions of stores. Long checkout lines can lead to shoppers leaving empty-handed or choosing a different store. With Zensors' Virtual Manager on Duty, your wait time for FOH checkout is consistently under 2 minutes.

AI differentiators

  1. Outperforms employee of the month

    Guaranteed 24/7, 365 days of consistent operations to maximize every store's potential, recovering up to $400 in lost sales daily per store.

  2. Saves store managers time and effort

    Enables store managers to focus on high-level strategies and hitting KPIs not learning to use new data or technology, and let AI dynamically flex FOH staffing per store needs. 

  3. Half the cost of adding store staff

    AI manager is deployable remotely using existing cameras and expects no bonuses, PTOs, 401K, or health insurance or unexpected training and variable costs.


  1. Post-ops analysis to maximize employee efficiency and availability

    Guarantee frictionless service experience by scheduling staff based on weekly performance.

  2. Automatically flex staff across all FOH

    Allocate resources based on customers’ needs to deliver best in-store shopper experience for higher conversions.

  3. Make every store your best performing store

    Compare store service performances to identify low-performing stores and make them the best stores for higher conversions.


Weekly service performance analysis for staff scheduling
Priority service escalation alert to flex staff
Multi-store performance ranking insights
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