3 retail trends at Shoptalk 2023 to leverage with AI

Retailers made it clear at Shoptalk last week a major focus in the industry since the pandemic has been on e-commerce. Decisions in e-commerce are intrinsically driven by data, and thus retailers have now begun to realize why not do the same in their brick-and-mortar store locations?

On average, brick-and-mortar locations drive upwards of 80% + of retailers revenue, but their decision makers are blindsided with minimal in-store data. Themes of the Shoptalk panel sessions were around ‘unified commerce,’ weighted heavily towards e-commerce.

Alternatively, small groups of innovative retailers and thought leaders alike were discussing how to uncover blindspots in physical retail stores, and how to best apply a data-driven approach in brick-and-mortar locations. Other areas of focus for retailers at Shoptalk included the use of AI, frictionless shopping experiences and workforce efficiency.

1. AI is reshaping retail experience

Retailers shared a variety of ways they are using AI. From improved in-home design app experience (Lowes) to personalized product recommendations (Kroger). AI is certainly being tested and used by retailers in their e-commerce business, while it’s clear retailers have been slower to adopt AI in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Find out how retailers are using AI to exceed modern shoppers' expectation.

2. Curating frictionless shopping experience

Eliminating friction continues to be a high priority in the retail vertical. Retailers of all sizes are attempting to find ways to reduce bottlenecks and to meet customer where they are, make it easy for them to make a purchase, with an overall positive experience.

This trend emerged as shoppers became used to frictionless and hyper-personalized shopping from e-commerce and now expect the same as they return to stores. Read how you can deliver the same frictionless shopping experience in-store by unlocking e-commerce-like data for your physical stores.

3. Flexible workforce management

Hiring and training in-store retail associates continues to be a challenge and retailers are combating this in a variety of ways. Retailers like Macy’s are training their workforce to be generalists, with focus being strictly on either customer facing or back of house tasks.

Limiting decision-making is another area retailers are trying to solve, not only to save time on associates second guessing themselves, but also to ensure they are focusing on the right tasks at the right time. Discover how you can combat retail labor shortage with AI-driven decision-making in stores.

On the horizon for 2023

What technology can be used to provide digital-like data in physical stores? Our prediction for Shoptalk in 2024 is a renewed focus on operating efficient brick-and-mortar locations.

March 22, 2023
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