Zensors Appoints Alex Covarrubias as Chief Growth Officer

[San Francisco, CA, 1/17/2023]

Zensors AI is excited to announce the appointment of Alex Covarrubias as its Chief Growth Officer to support Zensors AI's significant global expansion and innovation in 2024. Zensors AI provides industry-specific foundation AI models to enhance mission-critical operations. Founded by Carnegie Mellon AI experts, Chris Harrison and Anuraag Jain, Zensors is now backed by Y Combinator and enterprise investors like Acuity.

A Storied Career in Top-line Growth

Before joining Zensors AI, Covarrubias held several key executive positions leading organizations in the aviation sector. His 20+ years career is marked by substantial contributions to go-to-market, sales, partnerships, innovation, and overall strategy, resulting in over $1 billion in top-line impact.

In this new role, Covarrubias will lead Zensors AI's growth strategy across all industry verticals and architect the organization to support exponential scale in global markets.

Alex Covarrubias as a speaker at an event

Leveraging Vertical-Specific Multimodal Generative-AI to Accelerate Time-to-Value

Excited about the potential value of AI, enterprises often turn their AI strategy into multiple disjointed projects. This fragmentation leads to slow adoption, exponential costs, and missed opportunities.

“Rather than AI trained for a specific task, a single foundational AI engine that understands specific industry context ensures rapid, cost-effective adoption for a variety of use cases. With Covarrubias as Chief Growth Officer, Zensors AI will continue to replicate its previous success supporting large transportation hubs, retailers, and multiple other verticals worldwide adopt an AI platform that scales within their business.” shares Anuraag Jain, Chief Executive Officer at Zensors.

Zensors’ generative, multimodal AI engine offers an unprecedented advantage to organizations enabling data consolidation and autonomous decision making. “The transition from laborious months of supervised machine learning to merely days using generative AI models to build applications, showcases the monumental shift to achieve business value and represents a unique opportunity across industry verticals,” explains Covarrubias.

“I am excited to be part of this dynamic team at a time of transformational growth and innovation, driving AI initiatives that have the capacity to revolutionize business performance, enhance decision-making, and create unprecedented value for our customers,” Covarrubias concludes.

About Zensors

Zensors AI generates suggested actions for optimizing mission-critical operations in-real time. Instead of getting overwhelmed by vast volumes of ever-changing data, ground teams trust Zensors AI to flag issues and recommend actions so that vital processes run smoothly. Founded by Carnegie Mellon AI experts, Chris Harrison and Anuraag Jain, Zensors provides the first domain-specific foundation AI model, designed to understand the unique context for various mission-critical industries like aviation, transit, and large retail. Backed by Y Combinator and enterprise investors like Acuity, Zensors is based in San Francisco and works with customers world-wide.

For more information, please contact:

John Muhlner, Chief of Staff at Zensors 



January 17, 2024
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