Digital visibility for physical stores

Zensors AI unlocks stores insights and understanding with level of detail previously only found online.

A complete solution for future retail stores

Funnel conversion rate for every department

Gain traffic conversion visibility into every department and go beyond the limited front door coverage that traditional traffic counter provides.

Dollar per dwell for every product area

Understand shopper time spent per department, make strategic adjustments to your merchandising and display to drive sales.

Dynamic labor staffing based on store traffic

Limited staffing results in a poor shopper experience. Understand customer patterns and dynamically staff up or down between locations.

Increase in-store conversion by eliminating friction for the shoppers


Build loyal customers with captivating store experiences

Understand store performance and customer behavior to provide each shopper entering a personalized and engaging in-store visit.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Dynamic staffing to increase conversion

Let AI virtual manager help you dynamically allocate staff based on identified shopper patterns to ensure no one is waiting too long or is left completely unattended.

Ensure consistent customer interaction across all stores

Identify operational bottlenecks to make every store your best-performing location.
Dashboard mockup

From point-in-time surveys to visibility of entire in-store shopper journeys

Boost store performance to build loyal customers
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