Zensors partners with Microsoft Azure to rapidly deploy AI for clients

We are thrilled to announce that Zensors, a pioneer in providing AI solutions for physical businesses, has now become a co-sell partner with Microsoft Azure. This partnership aims to deliver rapid, limitless, and privacy-aware AI solutions with added benefits to our clients globally.

What is the Microsoft Azure Marketplace?

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a trusted online store for enterprise software, attracting over three million monthly visitors from 141 countries. It is a vetted list of software solutions that run seamlessly on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Being a part of this select group of partners not only recognizes Zensors' commitment to innovation and quality but also provides our clients with the assurance of Azure’s backing and compatibility.

Screenshot of Zensors listing on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Zensors on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

What benefits does the Zensors-Microsoft Azure partnership offer to clients?

Zensors and Microsoft Azure together offer three major benefits:

Azure funding sponsorship opportunities

Qualified offers could be eligible for Azure funding sponsorship, aiding deployment or proof of concept - a crucial step in selecting the right AI platform for retail and aviation businesses.

Purchase via Microsoft account

This partnership simplifies the purchase process. You can purchase Zensors' solutions through your Microsoft account, resulting in a standard, rapid contracting process. There's no need to create a new vendor in your system.

You'll receive consolidated billing and invoicing, and manage your subscriptions centrally. You can also utilize your Azure credit for your Zensors' solutions.

Pricing flexibility and multiple deployment options

Each business has unique needs, and this partnership allows us to cater to those through customized pricing plans. The deployment options on the Azure platform are flexible and designed to best serve your business model and scale.

Monetize every square foot with Zensors on your Microsoft Azure cloud

Any Azure user can rapidly unlock new monetization potential in their physical spaces by leveraging existing cameras.

Discover spatial intelligence with Zensors through the Microsoft Azure cloud in weeks not years while maintaining visitors' anonymity. This partnership empowers you to make the most of every square foot in your physical business. Don't wait to transform your business; start your journey with Zensors on Microsoft Azure today.

July 20, 2023
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