Zensors AI, AWS, Nvidia, and Cities Today Institute gathers aviation industry players to accelerate AI adoption

Airport AI Adoption Alliance

What is AI adoption Alliance? 

Zensors AI is proud to announce the formation of an AI Adoption Alliance dedicated to advancing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies within the aviation industry alongside founder members NVIDIA and AWS under the umbrella of the Cities Today Institute.The alliance aims to create and disseminate understanding and best practices across the aviation community regarding AI developments and adoption, addressing critical subjects such as data governance, integration with legacy systems, accuracy and reliability, standardization, regulatory compliance, use case evaluation, and change management among many others.

Launch and Membership

The working group was launched during the Airport Leadership Forum in Miami on May 29th with representation of multiple leading North American airport authorities.Airport leaders and relevant ecosystem stakeholders are invited to join this working group and strengthen 
the Alliance in its mission to accelerate the adoption of AI technologies within airports, enhance operational efficiency, improve passenger experience, and drive innovation across the aviation ecosystem. Interested organizations can submit their membership request by visiting the following site: AI Adoption Alliance.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the activities of the AI Adoption Alliance, please email

“As AI continues to rapidly develop and dominate the technology conversation, collaboration between business leaders and IT is critical. This alliance will assist with not only understanding the impact AI can have on the airport ecosystem, but more importantly, how to best integrate it with existing data systems and build adoption.”Paul Puopolo - Executive VP of Innovation DFW

June 14, 2024
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